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Ed Loenen

Original oils. Click any image to enlarge

"Princeton Revisited"
12 x 12 - oil
$595 Framed


"St. John of the Latin Gate (Ashcroft Indian Band)"
14 x 18 - oil
$850 Framed


"Chimney Dance in N.E. Hamilton"
18 x 18 - oil
$985 Framed


"Sunshine Coast Revisited"
24 x 30 - oil
$2000 Framed


"The Natasaheenie River"
11 x 14 - oil
$625 Framed


"Te Deum"
24 x 24 - oil
$1580 Framed


"At Caroline and Robinson"
16 x 20 - oil
$975 Framed


"Daniel's Point, Pender"
12 x 24 - oil
$940 Framed


"Strathcona in February"
8 x 10 - oil
$425 Framed


"Minus 10 in Hamilton, Ontario"
12 x 14 - oil
$670 Framed


"Sunshine Coast Exuberance"
20 x 30 - oil
$1630 Framed


"2nd and Victoria, Vancouver East"
12 x 16 - oil
$750 Framed


"Victoria and Gravely, Vancouver"
14 x 18 - oil
$850 Framed


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EDWARD JOHN LOENEN, S.F.C.A., was born in Loosdrecht, The Netherlands in 1938, and immigrated to Columbia in 1956.

In 1966 he received his B.Ed. at the University of British Columbia. Somewhat later, the artist obtained a minor in visual arts from the Department of Education at U.B.C. He had the privilege of studying under Professor Sam Black and Dr. Robert Steele. Ed also enrolled in various part-time courses at the Vancouver School of Art in the early sixties and later, at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design.

For many years Ed taught Art and French at high school level but his dream to be an artist never vanished. In 1992 he left full time teaching to pursue 'his first love'. In the fall of that year he was accepted as an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

For the past years Ed has made the intensive study of colour theory his main focus. Consequently, his development as a fine colourist has been exciting. But more importantly, his works exude vibrancy and convey a unique, personal style coupled with a mastery of oil painting techniques.

In the spring of 1995, Ed was granted A.F.C.A. status within the Federation of Canadian Artists.